December 30, 2004

Notes on Posting

So at least one person has expressed confusion over the Blogger interface, so....

To Post

  1. Go to Webpage (
  2. Click on little orange "Blogger" button in the upper lefthand corner.
  3. This should take you to a page titled "Dashboard"; here you can log in; if you are already logged in your profile will be displayed in the righthand column.
  4. Next to "Blog Name" you'll see the options "New Post" and "Change Settings."
  5. To Post, click on "New Post."

Alternatively, you can get a desktop publishing client that works well for Blogger, and you'll never have to deal with the confusion of opening the webpage in order to post. A good one is w.bloggar.

Unrelatedly, does anyone who went to the APA conference want to describe events? I'm sure those of us who couldn't make are wondering what we missed.



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